So let each one give as he purposes in his heart,not grudgingly or of necessity,for God loves a cheerful giver/2 corinthians 9:7

Welcome to Angels with Faith Ministries  501c3  non-profit  charity  website !  We are a volunteer run charity  working to make a  difference in  our  communities ,all counties,  through  the tax deductible donations of Angels. Although we currently receive no funding & cannot help with rent,utility bills,car payments etc unless donations allow  (we need monetary donations so that we can help provide heat,rent,electricity etc donations can be mailed or made via paypal on the donations page & are tax deductible,receipt can be printed immediately for tax deduction upon making your MUCH NEEDED donations)   we  help 1000s of families & children each year with household needs,clothing,baby needs,prayer etc.We accept donated Real Estate of any kind in any condition except condemned anywhere in the Southeast United States,vehicles in any condition,any kind,free pickup,also Boats,Rvs,Campers,Motorcycles etc.Real Estate donations are tax deductible for full fair market value for up to 5 years & all other donations are tax deductible for full fair market value & 100% of EVERY donation goes directly to helping those in need. *********URGENT NOTICE ANGELS WITH FAITH MINISTRIES HAS MOVED we are now in Auburn Ga but help and pickup donations in all counties within an hour of 30011 *******************************We accept furniture in good condition,working appliances,baby & childrens needs,Beds,clothing,toys,household needs,pet needs,handicapped & elderly needs,power chairs,wheel chairs,leftover yardsales,moving sales,carpet & remodeling materials to help families remodel or rebuild,etc anything in usable condition.All donations are tax deductible & go directly to helping families in true need.We also accept donated Real estate of any kind in any condition,Donated Boats,vehicles,Rvs,lawnmowers etc to house,provide transportation or to be sold to house families after tragedy,disasters or crisis & since we are also a Church your donation is tax deductible for Full fair market value. Most charities only give a small precent of donations toward helping those in need,we are different because we give 100% of every single donation toward helping those in true need & not a cent of donations ever goes toward costs,salaries,overhead,promotional or advertising etc,we are a home based Charity & Church & are all volunteers who do our own P.R,advertising,website work etc only on free sites so that every cent of donations can truelly help someone in needmissing the rest are old and falling apart from 1960 when house was built need to comeplete this remodel in next month everyone who helps,donates materials etc will get unlimited cruise certificates for up to 7 days cruise on top cruiselines that even includes all on  board meals  please text or call Rev Michael Tuck 678-678-491-8614  leave msg or text/call Lori 678-754-1541 or email is fastest  will buy materials if someone has good usable materials cheap but our personal accts were emptied providing Christmas to over 2500 needy children with no funding at all thank you and God Bless


 ********* Our Christmas Angels Program kicks off each year on November 1st (no applications will be taken before then)and provides Christmas,warm clothing and food baskets to thousands of Ga children and their families who are in crisis,emergency situations,have lost jobs,health issues,military families are always a priority,disabled,very low income etc,no direct phone applications will be taken until after Nov 15th we will be taking applications through social service organizations and counselors,military support groups,etc and will be taking emailed applications beginning Nov 15th unless you have a verifiable true emergency situation.Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank Branch to the Angels with Faith Ministries charity account,tax deductible every cent. We would love to help as many families as possible but since we receive no funding at all and our director works 22 hour volunteer days from October through Christmas day to make sure that every need is met we desperately need Christmas Angels to adopt or sponsor families or donate new or Lightly used Toys,warm clothing,gift cards,gifts for older children,computers of any kind for school children,gift cards,food,etc,all donations are tax deductible for full retail value.Families are added as they come in beginning November 1st to our Christmas Needs page as they come in and are listed with city,1st names only,each childs name,boy or girl,clothing,coat and shoe sizes etc if needed,.age and actual Santa wish list,Christmas Angels are given those lists to help them know each childs likes,wants and needs but are in no way obligated to buy everything on the list,that is left to your personal discretion. We have had issues in the past of parents padding the lists or non age appropriate or very expensive items*( kids do dream) we truly want those Christmas Angels who choose to adopt or sponsor a family or families that you are in no way obligated to buy anything on those lists it is 100% up to your discretion.Also new this year we can only add families who have verifiable emergency situations such as recent job loss,health emergencies,etc or disabled low income,military families,etc we are here to give families a hand up and have had a major problem repeat itself again this year with families not even trying at all to provide anything for their own children and calling months in advance to sign up for Christmas assistance that would be a hand out which enables parents to fully depend on the system to provide for their children and it is teaching children that you don't even have to try just sign up for as many charities as possible and everything comes for free,that is NOT the example that we believe we should teach children,families who are charity shopping and signing up for several charities will be cut fromall Christmas assistance programs now that we can cross reference families with other charities.To be fair to others we can only help families for one Christmas since we have had the same names on our list to help some every year for 6 years that is truly depending on a hand out and to be fair to true emergency needs families we will not be able to add any families to our Christmas needs help and provide Christmas if you have been on our needs list before unless it is a verifiable true emergency( WE WILL BE VERIFYING ALL INFO THIS YEAR BEING AS SEVERAL HUNDRED PARENTS LAST YEAR COULD NOT REMEMBER WHAT NAME THEY SIGNED UP UNDER,this year we will need proof of income or emergency situation which will be verified,each childs social securirty card or birth certificate since the huge boom in twins last year which was suspicious to say the least,and we will ask parent picking up the childrens Christmas for their ID it will be required to pick up since several 100 people could not remember what name they signed up under last year,our director is working while fighting cancer so please be honest and if you are charity shopping to get as much as possible remember that she works 22 hour volunteer days to provide for your children please only apply if you truly need the help and are not receiving Christmas help from somewhere else,if you have received help from us in the past 6 years you must apply through or this year to be fair to those with true emergency situations who need or help this year thank you and God Bless

Donation account at any Wells Fargo Bank Branch to Angels with Faith Ministries tax deductible for every cent and 100% goes to helping children right here in northeast ga


DONATIONS FOR OUR CHRISTMAS ANGELS PROGRAM ARE BADLY NEEDED WE EXPECT OVER 4000 NEEDY CHILDREN,HAVE ALREADY HELPED ALMOST 500 THIS EARLY IN THE SEASON DONATIONS CAN BE MADE AT ANY  WELLS FARGO BANK BRANCH TO ANGELS WITH FAITH MINISTRIES ACCOUNT TAX DEDUCTIBLE FOR EVERY CENT Please be a Christmas Angel all of the big funded charities took applications in Sept and Oct most families missed signing up and are coming to us as they do every year  100% of every donation goes directly to helping children right here in northeast Ga all counties


To adopt or sponsor a family and be a Christmas Angel you can email or call anytime to be put on the  Angel List and then once families are added nonstop daily and once you decide on a family or families just text,email or call Lori,our director *(email or text is best since I stay on call 24/7 with all charity needs and emergencies my phone is usually busy but I am online most of the time organizing,adding families,taking families off the list as they are adopted or sponsored etc so email is the very best way) just email me with families first name,city etc,if possible print that families list from the internet for your records,I always have files but with one director in charge of every single family ,need etc it helps ALOT of angels can print their chosen families lists.You will have the choice of actually meeting the family and working with them personally or sponsoring them and having us deliver the gifts for you,you will still have their contact info if you would like. We also receive families from 12 area domestic violence shelters those families are listed by code initials only and must be sponsored through us they are in the shelter because of horrible abuse situations and theyre identity must be kept confidential for their safety some of them are actually in fear for their lives,the family will be listed as shelter family and county and 2 initials they will be listed on our Christmas needs list and need as much or more to be sponsored and truly need a Christmas Angel because they have left everything behind and are starting totally new safe lives in the county listed which is always far away from the area where abuse occurred,to sponsor a shelter family you will only be given the amount of information about the family that we have their counselors permission to give out based on their situation,you will not get to meet them but you will have the childrens age,sizes and actual Santa wish lists just like the other families that you can choose from but you cannot meet the family but those families literally have had to leave everything behind and most are able to get into new government apts etc for the holidays and will need alot more than other families because they trul;y will have nothing and they truly desperately need and deserve angels.Just contact Lori Tuck our director with your choices of families and she will let the family know that they have an angel and who their angel is(even shelter families know who their angel is and most send thank you notes,letters,the kids color pictures etc for their angel which we deliver for them,they are always so very appreciateive. Our Christmas Angels Program does NOT start until November 1st

We have an emergency need for an Iraq veteran who lost his right leg and his family who are in URGENT need of a donated vehicle,any kind,aesthetics not important,to get to VA hospital;Dr,store,etc  We have volunteer mechanics who can and will fix any issues this is an urgent need

We also have a widow whom we are helping who recently lost her husband and has a big doggie who was a gift from her late husband,she is in urgent need of a fence,any kind,even a wireless pet fence,kitchen cabinets& countertops,appliances,,wood to patch holes in floors,carpet,etc she is starting over from fully furnished rental in run down rental she had to accept as is that needs alot of work but it is all she can afford on just her check,any donated materials ,fencing and a riding mower or volunteer to cut brass would be greatly appreciated

***** URGENT  Our Charity is in URGENT NEED of a donated truck,van,suv,box van etc for picking up and delivering donated toys etc our charity vehicle was totalled when a man ran a red light while we were taking  food to a family for Thanksgiving and insurance will take awhile to replace it we dont have time to wait since we are in the Middle of our busiest season ,tax deductible for highest bluebook value


******* THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS ANGELS,without you none of this would be possible We hope that all of our angels enjoyed their experiences this year either meeting and working with their families personally or sponsoring our domestic violence survivors  almost 2000 children who wouldnt have otherwise had anything under the tree will now have Christmas toys,warm clothing and food for the holidays  WHAT A HUGE BLESSING!  Thank you to all involved to make this our 5th annual successful year! GOD BLESS ALL AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!


We also pickup donated vehicles of any kind in any condition,RVs,Boats,etc & also accept & need donated Real estate of any kind(tax deductible for FULL fair market value for up to 5 years returns!) in any condition(except for condemned) to help house families who have been through disasters or crisis etc & all donations are tax deductible for full fair market value and 100% of the proceeds go directly to helping children this Christmas,we provide each child with a full wonderful Christmas including  Toys,much needed warm clothing,shoes,coats,etc stockings ,wrapping supplies& holiday food baskets but with no funding every donation makes a huge difference all proceeds from donations of real Estate,vehicles,boats,rvs etc will go to helping children through our Christmas Angels Program

Rev. Michael R Tuck  678-754-2337( also contact 24/7 for PRAYER requests or if you need to talk    at  ANGELS  WITH  FAITH  MINISTRIES  & CHURCH 

Contact  Lori Tuck  /Director &  donations &  needs  coordinator   ( please leave a DETAILED messege ,name number why exactly you are calling,city,if you do not get through)at  678-754-1541  with needs, donations , prayer  requests  etc or  for  prayer  requests  24/7  or  Rev Michael  Tuck email or text is best  the above email is the best way to contact us phones stay extremely busy best times to call are 4 pm to 11 pm please leave a very detailed msg and if call is for Christmas assistance remember we are only able to cover northeast  georgia within an hour of Cleveland ga if you are not in that area there is help available please call 211 there is help available through the charity network in all areas of ga we cannot help inareas already covered by several other charities such as atlanta,south of atlanta,west of atlanta and northwest of atlanta we only cover northeast ga within hour of us we are in Cleveland ga



In 5 years we have  been  BLESSED  to  help    1000s  of   families &  hope  &  pray  for  ANGELS   to keep  donating  usable  items & to  make  tax  deductible  donations  so  that  we  may  keep  helping

We are  located   in  Donations can be mailed or made via paypal on the donations page your tax deductible donation receipt can be printed immediately once you make your much needed donation




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*********CALLING ALL ANGELS & YOUTH  our fishing with youth group program is growing daily We are in DIRE need of a donated fishing or pontoon boat for fishing outings for at risk teens .After the theft a few months ago of ALL of our fishing gear we are in DIRE need of donated fishing rods,reels & tackle for Catfish,Carp & bass & stripers for youth from ages 12-18 & also our young childrens group ages 2-12.Also we are praying for a donated boat to get the kids involved in off shore fishing tournaments for a change from bank fishing tournaments.ALL DONATIONS ARE FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE FOR FULL VALUE.If you know of youth in need of guidance & learning about nature who are at risk or low income & cannot afford to get out & enjoy nature please contact us & we will get them added to our youth or childrens group led by Rev Michael R Tuck our preacher & Pastor & avid fisherman.We have plenty of volunteer chaperones etc we just need a donated BOAT & Fishing equipment to make this year a success as has been every year for the past few years.THANK YOU& GOD BLESS

Donate a vehicle to Georgia charity,Donate a boat to Georgia charity,Donate real estate to georgia charity & get a free vacation certificate for donating to our Georgia Charity!



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