WE CANNOT READ MESSAGES FROM CONTACT FORM OR ANSWER THEM  ANY QUESTIONS,NEEDS,DONATIONS,PRAYER REQUESTS ETC NEED TO BE EMAILED  we try to fill every need as quickly as possible but with 0 funding we rely solely on the tax deductible donations of angels in our communities,if you have an Urgent need please ,Try calling * 211 for United way or local Churched,miltary aid etc,God Blessangelswithfaithministriesgeorgia@yahoo.com for us to receive& read& respond to them.I am truelly sorry for the inconvenience but after paying the irs fees&getting through Christmas it may be a little while until we can upgrade&I don't want to miss any messages all donations go directly to helping families in need& we do not use ministry funds for any ministry costs they go directly to helping families in need.THANK YOU& GOD BLESS& I HOPE TO HEAR FROM ANYONE WHO TRIED TO CONTACT US OR WANTS TO CONTACT US VIA EMAIL.PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW WE DIDNT ADD IT& CANNOT GET ,READ OR RESPOND TO EMAILS FROM THERE AS YETso the contact form does not work yet I dont know where the emails go but we cannot read or answer them. we accept any major credit cards,debit cards,gift cards,etc asap

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Adopt or sponsor a family for Christmas
Adopt or sponsor a family for Christmas
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